CBS Radio Mystery Theater

2007 Best Available Project

Ken Long

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This summer I needed to send someone a set of CBSRMT so I started sorting my collection to compile the best versions of all the episodes I have from all the different sets that I've collected over the years. Once the sorting is finished, a distro will be made available for the general collector community. While sorting, I found that there are still many episodes that we could use upgrades for. Below is a by-year list of those needed upgrades. If you have significantly better versions of any of these, please let me know so I can include them with the distro set. (Please, no re-encodes of low-bitrate encodes. That's just plain...wrong.) Thanks.

Upgrades needed for 1974
No upgrades are needed for 1974. However, we're always looking for better quality transfers. If you have or know of some tapes, please let me know. I can transfer cassette and reel-to-reel tapes.

Upgrades needed for 1975

Upgrades needed for 1976

Upgrades needed for 1977

Upgrades needed for 1978

Upgrades needed for 1979

Upgrades needed for 1980

Upgrades needed for 1981

Upgrades needed for 1982


Here's one that someone asked for. This version is not pristine but it is very listenable.

CBSRMT - 811120 1261 A Handful Of Dust.mp3