David Oxford's Best of Available Collection

(as of July 2021)

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David Oxford and his group of collectors have been working hard to come up with a "Best of Available " set of CBS Radio Mystery Theater. They've worked with files from this site and sets from other collectors, sorting, comparing and organizing. An immense amount of work went into this result. A special thanks goes out to Tony Adams. Tony did much of the work listening and comparing. I'm pleased that David has allowed me to post his results here. I'll be posting the MP3s first then when they're ready, the FLACS as well.

One thing about these listings is that they don't show the encoding and the length. I'm using new software to create these html listings and it doesn't include those details in it's output.

The filenames have a lot of info about the episode. They have the bitrate, the source, and "{BoA}" which stands for "Best of Available". {BoA} means this file is the result of comparing several different versions. Each separate version was compared as to audio quality, news and commercials, and completeness. These are the best of those compared. Note that this is the only place on my entire site where the entire run of CBSRMT is posted. All my other pages contain files from a single source only. Enjoy!