RWM Transfers

April 23, 2007
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These files are from Richard. He recorded the original broadcasts off the radio to reel-to-reel then transferred those to aiff format. Scott converted the aiff files to wave and mp3 for distribution here.

Thanks Richard and Scott!


740425 Sunset To Sunrise MP3, Wave

740430 The Venus d'Ile MP3, Wave

740509 A Tiny Drop of Poison MP3, Wave

740603 To Kill With Confidence MP3, Wave

740604 An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge MP3, Wave

740718 The Dream Woman MP3, Wave

740722 The Deadly Process MP3, Wave

740725 My Sister-Death MP3, Wave

740729 The Ghost At High Noon MP3, Wave

740801 The Hit Man MP3, Wave

740805 I Thought You Were Dead MP3, Wave

740806 The Headstrong Corpse MP3, Wave

740808 You Only Die Once MP3, Wave

740812 The Beach Of Falesa MP3, Wave

740813 The Frontier Of Fear MP3, Wave

740814 Journey Into Terror MP3, Wave

740916 What Happened To Mrs. Forbush MP3, Wave

740926 The Spectral Bride MP3, Wave

741007 Sister Of Death MP3, Wave

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