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My Needs List
I've been trying to collect all of the broadcasts in pedigreed format. What I mean
by pedigreed is the broadcast must have a known named source, known call sign,
and have news and commercials so the broadcast date can be verified. Anyway,
I'm still missing several original broadcasts in pedigreed format. Please see my
needs list here and contact me as shown above if you can help fill in my collection.

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Ken Piletic
Ken passed away on Sep 3, 2020 from a heart attack. He was active in
Old Time Radio and Ham Radio. In fact, Ken was the person who originally
recorded the WBBM reels of Mystery theater which a small group of us
enthusiasts are in the process of restoring, processing, and distributing. Ken
was known by many and well respected in the hobby. He will be missed.

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In order to help keep interest in CBS Radio Mystery Theater alive, I've started to
keep a list of links to other sites. If you would like to have your site listed, please
feel free to contact me as shown above. As long as you are not attempting to profit
from the shows, I'll be happy to add your site to the list.

Links to additional CBSRMT resource sites.


This website will be my CBS Radio Mystery Theater play area. For now, this
index page will be a simple pointer to the other pages. Someday, when I get time,
I'll do something nice here.

Everyone who collects CBS Radio Mystery Theater knows about the Payton-Grams
book listing every episode with dates, numbers, production details and episode synopsis.
However, this book has numerous serious mistakes and quite a few minor mistakes and
typos. Here is my errata list for "The Book".

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater
An Episode Guide and Handbook
to Nine Years of Broadcasting,
1974-1982 - Errata List


In addition to all the audio recordings, I've come across a few other items that could be
of interest to CBSRMT collectors. I make those items available here:

Other Items of Interest


I've started keeping a master inventory of all the CBSRMT broadcasts in my possession.
For now, I'm using an Excel spreadsheet for the task. Here is the blank spreadsheet that I'm using. It
includes the master list of broadcasts (originals and reruns) plus the original broadcast
dates, rebroadcast dates and rebroadcast from dates. Much of this information came
from The Book but I've corrected the entries from The Book according to my errata list
above. This spreadsheet doesn't contain any inventory entries. It's just the basic skeleton
with the basic broadcast info.This is the one folks. It's more correct than both Otter
and The Book. This latest version has the 1399 numbering system added.

Ken's Master Inventory Spreadsheet (last updated April 4, 2021)


As I'm working on processing reels, I use a checklist to keep track of where I'm at. Here's
that checklist in PDF format. I print this and fill it in by hand as I work. I plan to make it fully
electronic eventually by making this a fillable form in Word then keeping the filled-in electronic
form instead of all the pieces of paper in a 3-ring binder as I do now. This version is named
for a particular project but it could easily have a place at the top to put the "Project Name:"

Ken's Processing Check List (last updated February 15, 2021)


Otter Log (50,724 - August 17, 2007)
(Note: I've stopped using Otter due to many mistakes by me and others.
I now use The Book for verification and manually edit the filenames.)

CBS Radio Mystery Theater.txt


CBSRMT from Vinyl Project files (AFRTS):

RWM Transfer Project files:

JL Project files:

DH Project files:

DLG Project files:

Ed's Files:

Frater mus files:

Paul's Files (Disks 1-16 only, pre-Best Avail 2007):

Tony/Chris Files:

Wade's Files:


In the fall of 2007 I compiled all the best versions of all the CBSRMT collections I had. I called this the "Best Available 2007" set and it was made available to the group as a distro. Everything I have here that was sorted and compiled to make this set is above this line. All new material that has come into being after the Best Avail set was distro'ed is below this line. This should make it easier to decide if you should take the time to download it or not.

2007 Best Available Project Want Lists
These lists contain the names of episodes that we still need upgrades for.

KF Transfers from Reels

Paul's Files (post Best Avail 2007)

Disk 17:
Disk 18:
Disk 19:
Disk 20:
Disk 21:
Disk 22:
Disk 23:
Disk 24:

KL Transfers of Cinci OTR Club Reels

KL Transfers from RW Cassettes (in progress)

KIXI Recordings (in progress)

RB Project Files

Transfers from RB reels (WLNH-FM)

Transfers from eBay reels (WUWM-FM)

Transfers from eBay reels (WBBM)

Transfers from eBay reels (WJW)

Misc Upgrades (last updated Dec 3, 2019)

4-Shared Download Instructions


In 2013 another Distro was compiled of all the best available episodes at the time. That Distro
was sent out to members of the Yahoo Group via postal mail. It was 21 DVDs. Everything
here below this line came available after the 2013 Distro.

Post 2013 Distro Upgrades

BR Transfers from Reels, Part 1 (posted Apr 4, 2019)

BR Files, Part 2 (posted Oct 8, 2019)

BR Files, Part 3 (posted April 13, 2020)

BR Files, Part 4 (posted January 2, 2021)

CBS/General Mills Radio Adventure Theater
(posted April 7, 2021)

David Oxford's Best of Available collection.
(posted Aug 21, 2021)

KL Recordings from 1982 (I can't believe I've never posted these here before!)
(posted Feb 12, 2022)

Mike R reels from WEEI in Boston
(posted Aug 7, 2022)